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carbon black

PRRC produce special high purity carbon black. We utilize plasma conditions to provide the energy required for decomposition of natural gas, therefore high purity of the hydrogen and solidified nano-sized carbon achieved without any impurity. PRRC Carbon black has special characteristics comparing to other process carbon black, including:
-    High Purity
-    High thermal conductivity
-    High electrical conductivity
-    High hardness
-    High UV and IR protection

By taking advantage of its excellent high purity and electric/thermal conductivity this carbon black can be used widely for semiconducting layer materials for extra high-voltage cables, rolls, belts and other conductive rubber. moreover , application of Plasma black has been newly developed for various primary and secondary batteries. In addition further applications in various areas are possible for this especially high purity plasma processed carbon black.
 Major Applications:
-    Rubber and Plastic industry as a reinforcing agent  
-    Ink and paint  industry for pigmentation
-    Conductive Materials as mixing agent
-    Energy storage, Dry cells, Supra-capacitors